Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gifts for Dads/Men/Boys.

I am always looking for gifts for myself or other friends who happen to be Woman/Girls... I think it is time we see what is out there for Men/Boys... Now there are so many other wonderful listings by OOTBS team members but here are a few of my favorites!

Perfect masculine shape! Seriously this can be for both men and women.
Unscented Men's Shaving Soap Refills
by: Intriguebath

Another wonderful masculine shape and can be used for both too.
(Seriously need to only think about gifts for guys lol)
Shaving Bar
by: hippiesbath

Okay so this is a bit feminine looking but seriously you are
giving this to someone you care about the hearts can express that ;)
I just love the detail.
Fresh Snow scented heart soap
by: mbell34
Another great find in the same shoppe. Perfect for the little boy!!
Watermelon car soap
by: mbell34

Another great gift for a little boy!! My husband would probably love this too ;)
Boys and Their Toys Truck Soaps
by: ajsweetsoap

OOOH YUMMMO!!! This is really perfect for anyone! Just look at how delicious this looks!!
1 lb. White Chocolate Hot Chocolate Mix
by: tetoncocoacompany

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