Friday, April 9, 2010

Window Shopping time!!

Boy has it been a long time since blogging! I have certainly missed the online window shopping. But I was able to get some time on here to share with you some wonderful finds that I think you all will enjoy as much as I enjoyed looking at them 80). Also please keep prayers coming for Michelle! That woman is one of my Hero's.. I have no idea how she does it but I truly appreciate everything she does for all of us at the ootbs team. ((Michelle))

Okay now onto the shopping!!

How cute are these!
by: angiesraggedypatch

I just love the look of the texture of this! I can only imagine how soft it feels!
by: EarthAngelMinerals

What fun my daughter would have with this! Makes me think of cotton candy.
by: BragginRightsBath

I love potpourri and can see myself purchasing this!
by: scentsandmemories

OOH that beautiful blue look of these *ocean* bars.
by: BlackRoseBath

Have a wonderful day!

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