Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sensual Scents Bath and candle products

Here you will find bath products and pure soy candles. NO SULFATES and all natural bases! Never tested on animals.
Right now Buy 1, get 1 half off soap sale! Refund via PayPal.

I am so in awe at all this beautiful work! I can only imagine how long it took to learn the process and be able to execute it so beautifully! Check out mbell34's Shop You will be as amazed as I was while looking through every item available!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gifts for Dads/Men/Boys.

I am always looking for gifts for myself or other friends who happen to be Woman/Girls... I think it is time we see what is out there for Men/Boys... Now there are so many other wonderful listings by OOTBS team members but here are a few of my favorites!

Perfect masculine shape! Seriously this can be for both men and women.
Unscented Men's Shaving Soap Refills
by: Intriguebath

Another wonderful masculine shape and can be used for both too.
(Seriously need to only think about gifts for guys lol)
Shaving Bar
by: hippiesbath

Okay so this is a bit feminine looking but seriously you are
giving this to someone you care about the hearts can express that ;)
I just love the detail.
Fresh Snow scented heart soap
by: mbell34
Another great find in the same shoppe. Perfect for the little boy!!
Watermelon car soap
by: mbell34

Another great gift for a little boy!! My husband would probably love this too ;)
Boys and Their Toys Truck Soaps
by: ajsweetsoap

OOOH YUMMMO!!! This is really perfect for anyone! Just look at how delicious this looks!!
1 lb. White Chocolate Hot Chocolate Mix
by: tetoncocoacompany

Friday, March 26, 2010

Check out these adorable finds!

OK this is a cool and neat idea that I have not seen before.
I am a shower person.. so this would be wonderful to try out!
All Natural Shower Bags
by: BragginRightsBath

Cotton's Apple Crisp SHIPPING INCLUDED
by: LipSmackinCreations

OOH so stunning!
Black and White Delight Bracelet
by: spottedhorsestudio

I can so see putting my girls in matches eyelet pillow dresses with blue ribbon!! So adorable!
Eyelet Pillowcase Dress
by: amyspolkadotsnposies

Don't forget about the 2nd annual Scavenger Egg Hunt at the Out Of The Box Sampler.
hunt begins March 24th and runs thru March 31st at midnight (est) All entries must be mailed to me by midnight, March 31st to be entered)Here's how to play:You must begin at the OOTBS Etsy team shoppe. You'll find it HERE We will be hiding our team scavenger hunt egg picture among the listings in our shoppes. Check the listing in the team shoppe for the egg picture and the name of the first shoppe in the hunt. At each shoppe, you'll look for the same team egg picture. Once you find it, the description in that listing will tell you the name of the next team shoppe in the hunt.

Along the way, there will also be keywords listed at some of the shoppes. You must keep track of each shoppes name in the order of the hunt and also any keywords in order also. When you get to the final shoppe in the hunt, you'll be given the directions on where to email your shoppe and keyword list. If you have all the shoppes and keywords in the correct order, you will entered into the drawing for the prizes.

If you have not started yet get to it!!! You are looking at a chance to win prizes totaling over $270.00!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OOTBS TEAM Window Shopping!

OOOH So adorable! I love Owls!! And this would look so cute on my island waiting to be used or just displayed!
Personalized Tile Coasters, Comfy Cozy Owl Love, Sage Green, Set of 4
by: AngelEllie

Butterflies... Another favorite of mine! This card looks soo simple but so elegant!
Pure White Butterflies All Occasion Greeting Card
by: michellenstamps

OOOH.. hmm this would be perfect next week while the kids are on spring break, Yummmmy.
Strawberry Vanilla Bliss Pancake Shipping Included
by: LipSmackinCreations

I can only imagine the wonderful smell that is spritzed out of this!
Ayn - perfume oil (medium size) - with blackberry, hollyberry, sage
by: sweetanthem

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Shopping

Look at this adorable primitive Easter Basket! So beautifully done!
Prim Eggs and Peep Basket
by: TheQuiltedPumpkin

Then lets look at beautifully created soap! I just love the swirls!
Indecent Proposal Handmade Soap
by: simplepleasuresbath

Just look at that shine.. I mean glaze of the Cherries.. Yummo, imagine the wonderful smell in your house!
by: sweetcandleations

These Votive's look soo perfectly made. And just look at the packaging! It is a gift within a gift!
Prairie ROSE Beeswax Votive
by: crowsnestprimitive

Don't you just love window shopping? I do! I find it so inspirational!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little of this... A little of that

Many of these are freshly listed and ooh do they look perfectly wonderful!
So many talented people!
Come and check them out for yourselves...
then stay and shop with them!
You will not be disappointed!

Spray It On Like Those Tight Jeans You Secretly Covet
by: Marinnaturalbeauty
"I love the cover of this."

One Dollar Castile with Castor Rose Soap Bar Large Size
by: winterrosesoap

"I love the look of these soap stacked on top of eachother and would love them even better in our guest bathroom!"

Beneath the Stars scented star soap
by: mbell34

"This caught my eye! It is soo beautiful."
Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Cookies (wheat-free)---Homemade Dog Treats
by: TheDogCookie

"If I did not know these were dog cookies honestly I would totally buy them for me lol"
Buttery SHORTBREAD Soy Melting Tarts
by: crowsnestprimitive

"The simple shape of a tart given a more handmade touch"

1 Pound Chocolate Dipped Peanut Brittle
by: sever96

"The picture says it all for me.. Just 1 bite and I would be lost in it till it was finished"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

After St. Patrick's Day I always feel like Easter is right around the corner. And with Easter means SPRING! It puts me into such a good mood. I thought today, I would post items that make me think Easter or Spring. They are sure to put you in a great mood and bring a smile to your face.

Easter Wishes Handmade Card

I just love the little chick on the front of this card. Nothing says spring like little chicks! Everyone can use an Easter card even if all you want to do is send someone you care about a big smile.

Jelly Bean Candle Scented

This candle immediately made me smile. It looks so yummy and it boggles my mind to think what it must smell like. I LOVE jelly beans and this definitely makes me think of spring and Easter.

A Tisket, A Tasket A Pink and Yellow Basket

Isn't this the cutest little Easter basket? I love the pink and yellow. Every little girl needs this basket or wouldn't it look really cute as a centerpiece on your kitchen table?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green! Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here are some items from the OOTBS team to help us get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit. One look at these items and you will feel the urge to celebrate today by making a couple green purchases! Better get them before it is too late!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just some of OOTBS Team Listings

Oh how I love window shopping on Etsy especially looking up what my fellow OOTBS Team Participants have listed! Everything is always so beautiful!

I love the look of this necklace! So different, you know you will be only one wearing one because they are so unique!
Golden Yellow Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant Necklace
by: spottedhorsestudio

How cute is this! Never have I seen this and I can just see asking for a custom one made for my kitchen... possibly in red and green, chili peppers theme!
by: winterrosesoap

OOH how adorable! Perfect addition in our guest bathroom and even to add to a gift.
Easter Soaps - Bunnies and Eggs - 3 oz each
by: especially4ubyEandT

Glitter is my favorite thing and I think these would add to any page,card or tag with their gorgeousness!
Floral Glittery Die Cuts Set of 15
by: onescrappychic

Thanks again coming with me on my Etsy window shopping trip! Hope you come back for more soon!!
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